Built for Office 365

Microsoft 365

Leverage your existing software to improve the learner experience

Investing in new standalone systems can cause more complexity as they require separate infrastructure and administration. Leverage you current Microsoft 365 infrastructure into a full featured learning solution that will scale and adapt with your needs over time.

Deploy training in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online, accessible from any device, from anywhere.

Add LMS365 to your current infrastructure

Meet LMS365 – the learning management system built into Microsoft 365 and Azure. LMS365 is fast to install, highly configurable, easy to use and fully integrated with the rest of your digital workplace. Whether your users prefer working from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online or Outlook using their laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet, learners are empowered to learn using existing and familiar systems. LMS365 align employees learning experience with their daily workload and tasks. Stay ahead in today’s fast paced environment. With LMS365 you will have a complete learning management solution up and running in a few days in your existing Microsoft 365 platform.

Course & Content Management

Course & Content Management

Use all tools available in Microsoft 365 to create you courses

With LMS365 courses are created directly inside the platform. As LMS365 is built into Microsoft 365, you are able to use the full power of the Microsoft 365 suite and SharePoint platform.

When your content is ready, you will be able to manage it in the course catalog where learners can browse, filter and search through the courses.

With the LMS365 course creator and learning module builder, creating content becomes an easy and simple task. Drag and drop elements from PowerPoint, Word, and Microsoft Stream when creating courses, or add your premade SCORM and AICC packages.

LMS365 offers a wide range of course management tools.

Courses are made up of learning modules, which are all created with the Learning Module Builder. This is where the actual content is added – you will be able to add almost any kind of content to your courses; documents, images, videos, quizzes, Sways and much more. When the courses have been created, learners will be able to take the training in the LMS365 course player. This has been optimized to give the best possible user experience and will guide the learners through the training with the easy-to-use design.

  • Course Creator
  • Advanced Course Catalog
  • Learning Module Builder
  • Quiz Builder
  • SCORM & AICC Player

Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting

Improve your training by continually monitoring the behavior and tendencies of your learners

Reporting and tracking learner progress is an important part of any corporate training. It’s essential within compliance training to prove that employees are compliant with the most recent rules and regulations. In order to continually improve your employees’ competencies, tracking their progress will make the task much more efficient.

LMS365 offers canned excel reports exported directly from the LMS, as well as more advanced analytics within Microsoft’s Power BI available with premade templates.

Track learner progress and transform your data into vibrant, comprehensible visuals with Microsoft Power BI. Analyze your data to improve learner experience or ensure that employees are compliant with the most recent rules and regulations.

Track data and present it with one of the many integrated tools

  • On-screen tracking of live data
  • Canned Excel reports
  • Advanced analytics, using ready-made Power BI dashboards
  • Connect your data to any BI tool, using Odata

Engaging User Experience

Engaging User Experience

Easy for you and your learners to follow the learning progress

Engaging your learners is a key element of an effective learning strategy. With LMS365 all learners will get a personal dashboard and whenever new courses or training is added, it will be displayed on the dashboard.

Engaging your learners is a key element in an effective learning strategy. With a personalized dashboard, leaderboards and certificates, LMS365 helps you make learning an engaging experience for all learners in your organization.

Make learning social with LMS365!

Gamification can help give an extra incentive to complete training. Competition and a social aspect both help facilitate an engaging learning environment.

  • Configurable Learner and Manager Dashboard
  • Gamification & Leaderboards
  • Social Learning
  • Competency Manager