This customer story explains that when Duval County Public Schools needed to replace its 10-year-old backup network system, it chose Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Branch to ensure that it could achieve reliable connectivity for its nearly 170 sites. Please contact inWorks LLC for more information about Cradlepoint’s connectivity and mobility solutions for education.

View: Cradlepoint Provides Robust Connectivity so Duval County Public Schools’ Students Keep Up with the Pace of Technology 

How does a global company connect its salespeople to customers in an efficient yet personal way? Rotterdam-based Broekman Logistics decided to add the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing app to the company’s existing Dynamics 365 Sales app to make it even easier and more efficient to find and develop high-quality leads and nurture customer relationships. As a result, Broekman Logistics not only increased its sales, but also gained valuable insights that it uses to sharpen sales management. The real engine behind global logistics? It’s all about a smooth collaboration between sales and marketing.

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Working from Home: do you have a “Commuting” ritual?
Illustration of a man walking from his bed to computer while imagining a crowded sidewalk in front of a taxi in front of a crowded bus in front of a crowded train

Here’s a thought:

Take 30 minutes before and after work to perform a personal “transition” ritual.

The time you’d usually spend getting to or from work, that used to belong to you – when you commuted – is important in psychological preparation for switching into different “states” of being.

Carl G. Jung wrote that we wear different masks for different occasions. It may be necessary for us to take some time to put on “The Professional” mask, for example – and then to take it off when we’re done.

My morning “commute” involves reading – preferably something not related to technology – for 30-45 minutes before I start my work day. Traditionally I haven’t had as much success at an end-of-day ritual, as usually demands of family life pull me out of my work settings quite rapidly and without much ceremony. I have noticed the absence of that transition, though – I think adding it would help in cementing the events of the day and preparing for the following day would have positive effect on my effectiveness at work.

Here’s an interesting read on the post-pandemic commute, plus some useful tips for reclaiming its useful function while celebrating the absence of its harmful side-effects.

Commuting Has Surprising Mental-Health Benefits – The Atlantic