Fortnum and Mason uses Dynamics 365 to support efficiency and growth for the future. The system provides important insights such as how often a customer shops with them and what their spend is, giving Fortnum and Mason the tools to make sure they are offering customers the products and services they want. Overall speed and usability, as well as closer control on costs, allows Fortnum and Mason to be proactive about achieving goals and serving their customers.

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It’s no accident that 99% of Fortune 500 companies and 100 million Microsoft Team members worldwide use Poly pro-grade AV solutions and services. Read the infographic to see how Poly – and only Poly – provides an end-to-end portfolio of Teams-certified solutions. Then contact our experts at inWorks LLC to significantly improve your company’s Microsoft Teams meeting experience across all your workspaces with Poly.

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Today’s B2B buyers have high expectations, and those expectations will not be met if B2B buyers are accustomed to sophisticated consumer interactions in their personal lives. Executive B2B buyers are not impressed by marketing driven by large, relatively impersonal data analysis that leads to inconsistent and conflicting interactions or sales outreach that doesn’t cater specifically to their needs at the right time. This blog recommends taking a new approach that unifies relationship data across the full customer lifecycle.

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With all the changes sparked by the pandemic, many employees are working from home more. How do you know if a home office is up to the task?

There are several elements to consider when creating the ultimate work from home set-up. This may include improving lighting, backdrop, camera, chair and more.

This video has great tips on how to improve home office spaces.

Forrester conducted five customer interviews and performed data analysis to determine the three-year financial impact of HP Elite Slice and video conference collaboration.  Check out the infographic to see how much HP Elite Slice G2 can improve productivity, and save your company time, money and headaches.

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GE is transforming from an industrial leader to a digital industrial leader, using software and sensors to make its machines connected, responsive, and predictive. With Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10, GE is digitally enabling its 300,000-person workforce to make sense of machine data, realize productivity gains, and collaborate securely, at a velocity never before experienced. With teams forming dynamically, GE employees now work together better to solve the world’s toughest problems.

This customer story explains that South Bend Community School Corporation equipped its buses with Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Mobile and IBR900 LTE routers and deployed them to strategically selected locations during the pandemic so that students and residents could gather near the buses and utilize the Wi-Fi. Please contact inWorks LLC for more information about Cradlepoint’s connectivity and mobility solutions for education.

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In 2020, HP called on independent research firm Forrester to conduct a total economic impact study of HPs Elite Slice G2 videoconferencing system. The firm interviewed and surveyed organizations from over 170 companies around the world who had recently moved on from their problematic VC systems to the HP Elite Slice G2 system.

The Forrester study concluded that, compared to their previous VC systems, the HP Elite Slice G2 VC system improved end user and IT productivity, reduced costs, and provided greater functionality.

Read the entire Forrester report for complete details, including cost benefit analysis.

Contact inWorks LLC to put the power of HP Elite Slice G2 to work for your organization.

View: Analyst Report — “Forrester Total Economic Impact Study”