Samsung Interactive Displays deliver a best-in-class touch and visual experience to help your team collaborate more efficiently. Features include an intuitive natural pen-on-paper writing experience with virtually no lag that enhances teamwork and brainstorming. The WMA series works seamlessly with Cisco Webex Room kit for video conferencing and multi-way whiteboard collaboration.

Read the solution brief for complete features, benefits and tech specs. Then contact inWorks LLC for assistance connecting your teams to a simpler, faster collaborative experience with Samsung Interactive Displays.

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Read this success story to learn how Hilton achieved the ability to create and deploy applications faster with an agile hybrid cloud computing environment supported by continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and automation capabilities. For more information, contact inWorks LLC.

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Samsung Interactive Displays are the ideal tools for teachers to lead their students to places they’ve never been. They’re simple to use, they captivate students, and they integrate seamlessly with leading learning platforms and collaboration tools. See the solution guide for more information on how integrating Samsung Interactive Displays into your classrooms can inspire students and make good teachers great. Contact inWorks LLCfor assistance in selecting the Samsung Interactive Display that best fits your learning environment.

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This eBook offers an overview of the challenges legacy IT infrastructure can present and the value of a streamlined, agile, and scalable environment that accelerates IT speed. Read this eBook to learn how to get to an agile, scalable infrastructure faster. For more information, contact inWorks LLC.

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