Three Time-Saving Productivity Features in Microsoft Edge You Should Know About

Three Time-Saving Productivity Features in Microsoft Edge You Should Know About

Internet Explorer is being retired by Microsoft and I am smitten with its replacement, Microsoft Edge. Aside from being a native Windows product, Edge is full of features that just make life a little more simple, and who doesn’t need that?

Here are three Microsoft Edge features you don’t want to miss:

1. Multiple Profiles – Hands down, my personal favorite!

With the many hats we wear in today’s digital world come different email accounts and a library of credentials for all the things we need online access to. Think about your home email, work account, and others you may have to keep track of. The more hats you wear, the more difficult and time consuming it becomes to manage settings, credentials and bookmarks. Sometimes when logging in to a website, you log out of other accounts before logging in with the account we need and things can get frustrating fast!

Maintain your accounts with less stress by creating a profile for work, home and whatever else you may need – each configurable with its own settings, bookmarks and yes, even password storage – all in ONE PLACE.

It’s simple to add a new profile once you download Microsoft Edge. Start by clicking on your profile avatar as shown in the image below, then follow these steps. For more tips on using multiple profiles in Edge, check out this blog.

2. QR Code Generator

QR codes, love them or hate them, are here to stay. How does one even create a QR code you might wonder…

QR code generators are easily found through a web search, but Microsoft Edge has put the function right at your fingertips – keeping you on task with minimal effort.

Simply click the address bar of the web page you need a QR code for and select the QR code icon. Voilá! QR code is ready for you to download.

3. Web Capture

Web Capture is another useful feature in Edge. Screen shots are great, but sometimes you want to save an entire web page. Cue in the Web Capture Feature.

Access Web Capture in two ways from Edge

    1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+S all at once


    2. Click the ellipsis (settings and more) in the upper right corner – select Web Capture

Then, select if you want to Capture Full Page or Capture an Area

  • Capture Full Page – this option will open a new window with an image of the page – from here, you can mark up and save your image as needed.
  • Capture an Area – Use the cursor to select the area you want to capture. You can even mark up your captured area and/or copy it to use in a document or email.