Device Spotlight: Yealink WH67 UC Workstation

Device Spotlight: Yealink WH67 UC Workstation

I recently found myself with a need to replace the off-brand bluetooth headset I had been using for the last year. It served me well for the frequent calls and meetings I attend, reliable until its last call when the earphone snapped off where it joined the headband. Cheap plastic.

In all honsety, I was waiting for this day because my eye was on a family of products from Yealink – a rising leader in Microsoft Teams certified audio and video communication devices. After some consideration, I opted for the WH67 Wireless Convertable Headset and the acompanying wireless charging stand. Now a few weeks into use, I thought I’d introduce this product and share some of my favorite features.

Yealink WH67and Wireless Charging Stand

1. Easy Setup

The setup for this device could not have been easier. Out of the box, I simply connected the power supply and plugged the USB cable into my computer. Almost instantly, the all-in-one workstation connected with Teams and was ready to use. No need to configure device settings in teams – it just worked.

These devices can be managed centrally in the Teams Admin center or locally with the proprietary Yealink USB Connect software.

2. Crystal Clear Audio

Whether I’m using my earpiece or the speakerphone, the clarity of sound on both ends of the line is unbeatable. Yealink’s Acoustic Sheild Technology differentiates background noise from your voice and blocks out other noises around you.

Not only is the audio clear, but the wireless range I have with the earpiece is phenomenal. I can safely travel from desk to coffee pot without skipping a beat.

3. Minimal Desktop Footprint

This one goes beyond the amount of space it takes on your desk – which is very little, but let’s talk about ridding yourself of wires.

With the optional Wireless Charging Stand, I was able to do away with my cell phone charging cord and the cord I used to charge my old headset. Yes, the workstation has it’s own cords (two), but they tuck away nicely and are out of sight. No more tangled messes.

BONUS: the WH67 Workstation has a built in 2 port USB hub for any devices you might need to connect.

4. Flexibility

The WH67 has four different wearing styles to match your preference. I currently use the earhook and eartip combo, but the headset comes with over-the-head headband and around-the-neck neckband accessories. Switching between styles is simple and I have found the in-ear eartips to be incredibly comfortable.

I also enjoy the flexibility of use. It’s simple to switch between speakerphone and earpiece, and I have paired my cellphone with the workstation to seamlessly take and make calls from Teams and my mobile with one earpiece.

5. Convenience

Teams calling is great, but I do appreciate having a keypad to dial phone numbers without having to switch to the app and open the calls tab. The WH67’s 4-inch multitouch display provides a dial pad and the convenient Teams Button to instantly surface your teams app with one touch.

If you’d like to know more about the WH67 or other Yealink solutions, let us know!

An up-to-date Machine for Improved Performance and Security

An up-to-date Machine for Improved Performance and Security

You might want to think twice when dimising the ‘restart to update’ notifications your computer is sending. Ensuring the machine is current with operating system (OS) and manufacturer updates is essential to keep things running smoothly and securely.

Here are some tips to keep your PC in good working order:

1. Check for Windows updates now!

‘Patch Tuesday,’ the second Tuesday of each month is when Microsoft releases update packages for Windows 10, Windows 7, Microsoft Office and its other apps. At minimum, you should update your computer as frequently as these updates are released – monthly. Check for updates now:

  1. Open the start menu and choose settings (Shortcut: Window key + I)
  2. Go to update & security
  3. Click check for updates
  4. You may see view optional updates – these are important, too! Click to install
  5. Your updates might require a restart – be sure to save anything you’re working on and allow the PC to resart when the updates are complete.

2. Put it on auto pilot

It’s easy to overlook updates if you don’t set them to be installed automatically.

  1. From the Windows Update screen, choose advanced options:
  1. Turn on the update options and update notifications as shown below:
  1. Your settings are saved automatically – close the window and let your PC do the rest – just don’t ignore it when it prompts for a restart.

3. Check for manufacturer updates

Microsoft generally covers your OS updates and sometimes will catch manufacturer updates. Manufacturer updates cover things like drivers, BIOS version updates and other critical components, so checking in on these regularly is key. Here’s how you can check for updates from some common manufacturers:

  1. Lenovo – Check your PC for the Lenovo Vantage app. You can check for system updates here, or visit the Lenovo support page if you don’t have the app.
  2. Dell Dell Support Page
  3. HPHP Support Page

4. Updates for your Mac

It’s just as important to keep your Mac up to date. Check the app store regularly for app updates (especially if you’re running Office apps).

You can set automatic app updates in just a few easy clicks:

  1. Launch the Mac App Store
  2. Select App Store in the menu bar
  3. Select Preferences from the dropdown menut
  4. Check the box for Automatic Updates

To keep your OS updated automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Apple Menu in the menu bar
  2. Select System Preferences > Software Update
  3. Check the for Automatically keep my Mac up to date