Today’s IT managers are spending a good portion of their budgets on data security but in many cases, getting less for the money. Read this blog to gain insight on why organizations can’t count on being 100% secure and how human error contributes to risk. Contact a Microsoft security expert at inWorks LLC to discuss flexible purchasing options and implementation.

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This video talks about the challenges faced by many enterprises when securing data, and how Seclore Data Security Platform unifies best-of-breed data-centric security solutions without additional deployment overheads. To learn more about the Seclore Data Security platform, please reach out to inWorks LLC.

This solution brief discusses 5 reasons why customers should buy the Lenovo Yoga™ Slim 7 Carbon (14″), provides the device’s technical specifications, and lists the available options and accessories. It also mentions the accompanying Lenovo services. Please contact inWorks LLC for more information about the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon (14″).

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This white paper provides an exhaustive checklist of factors to consider when comparing potential EDRM solutions. It covers more than a dozen categories, including advanced and dynamic controls, integration, authentication, administration, end-user experience, total cost, and more. To further discuss EDRM solutions that could work for your organization, please contact inWorks LLC.

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Unified, data-first commerce enables a business to better support omnichannel journeys and create a unified view of shopper interactions, products and management systems. Watch the video to see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 streamlines commerce and back-office operations with intelligent, user-friendly applications that help maximize inventory investment and optimize business practices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enables technicians with mobile devices to connect remotely on Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile or Microsoft Teams (desktop or mobile). Read the blog to learn how by using live video calling, mixed-reality annotations and high-resolution snapshots, these technicians can share what they see with the remote collaborator to troubleshoot problems together, faster.

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This security brief shows that, through a modern, multi-layered approach to security features, AMD processors help protect sensitive data from sophisticated attacks, avoid downtime, and reduce resource drain. The brief lists the most critical security features and their benefits—as well as the AMD PRO security features that include them. Please contact inWorks LLC, for more information about AMD processors and AMD PRO security features.

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