This eBook offers an overview of the challenges legacy IT infrastructure can present and the value of a streamlined, agile, and scalable environment that accelerates IT speed. Read this eBook to learn how to get to an agile, scalable infrastructure faster. For more information, contact inWorks LLC.

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To best serve its clients, Grant Thornton must tie its extensive knowledge of macro-level economic and industry trends to the micro-level business needs, motivations, and challenges faced by individual executives within its client base. The global accounting and consulting firm does this by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Azure, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to “connect the macro with the micro” and deliver that information quickly and accurately to geographically distributed team members. They also use Dynamics 365 Sales Insights to understand the health of client relationships and where new opportunities may lie, take actions based on those insights, close new opportunities faster, and win more deals.

Samsung’s innovative large format interactive display technology is transforming how education institutions use technology to engage students, empower teachers and drive outcomes in a post-COVID world.

Get the eBook “Interactive Learning for a Changing World” for insights on how your organization can use emerging display technologies to thrive in a changing educational landscape. Then contact inWorks LLC to begin transforming your institution’s educational environment.

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With the dramatic increase in the remote workforce, staying connected is crucial to maintaining collaboration and boosting productivity.

Ribbon Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service securely connects new or existing phone lines, numbers and service plans to Microsoft Teams. It’s a quick, simple and affordable solution to streamline corporate communications.

Read the mini case study to learn how Ribbon with Microsoft Direct Routing helped an IT company owner, a PBX owner, Software Technician and a Migration Consultant simplify their journey to Microsoft Teams.

Contact a inWorks LLC expert to get started on your journey and for information about a free test drive of Ribbon Connect.

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How do you create a work-life balance when you work and live under one roof?

By merging our working and living spaces, the remote work environment has made it more difficult to separate our work from the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, having a designated home office space isn’t enough. This Forbes article by Julia Wuench outlines simple things you can do to find that elusive work-life balance when you work at home.

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Video shows how organizational development manager for a wine and spirits company relies on Microsoft Office 365 to do her job while traveling for work through Washington State and Napa Valley. Discover how she uses Skype for Business to stay in touch with colleagues and SharePoint Online to collaborate on training materials and provide training participants with the resources they need.